Liability Notice

There is no training warranty expressed or implied with our security training posters. Purchasing our security posters is at your own risk. We cannot and do not assume any liability for the training application(s) the end user has selected to use the purchased security posters for. Individuals, companies and government agencies at whatever level (federal/national, state/provincial, county/regional and municipal/city) who purchase our security training posters for use in their training and testing programs assume full liability.

Our security posters and publications represent the best available information at the time they were produced and published. No security training poster or publication can possibly cover and portray all aspects or hazards of  every product and as such we do not assume any liability including errors and omissions.

Our products are not sold to the general public. Our Products Are For Official Government, Military, Police, Law Enforcement, Customs and Security Agencies Use Only And Are Not Available To The General Public. We screen requests for quotations and orders, for the suitability of the purchaser to acquire and legitimately use our security posters—whether they are an individual, corporation or government agency.